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takemeorleave [userpic]

Feel my destiny

September 13th, 2007 (10:21 pm)
current music: Jill Scott- Hate on Me

I'm scared. I'm scared of growing up. I'll fail.

takemeorleave [userpic]

She's cool in all her discontent.

July 21st, 2007 (02:53 am)

       We're done and broken up. He was my world, when he was there. He still is. Every night I lay in my bed, I still feel him between my arms. The way we were. The way is was meant to be. But, he's long gone without a lasting thought. If I can't be with him, I don't want to be with anyone.

takemeorleave [userpic]

I'm gonna smile and not get worried. I try but it shows.

May 23rd, 2007 (09:27 pm)

Fuck. Fuck. Fuckedy fuck fuck. I am sick and tired of getting shat on. I didn't do anything but want to be in the cast of your retarded, poorly casted, going to flop, piece of shit musical. The only reason I remain in this P.O.S. is because there is an opprotunity for me to get fucked. And that is starting to go to Hell.  

takemeorleave [userpic]

I can see you with my t-shirt on.

May 21st, 2007 (07:00 pm)

I like boys and musicals and drugs. =-)

takemeorleave [userpic]

I just kissed a girl, named Shakwonda.

April 18th, 2007 (08:40 am)

West Side Story+Sobriety+Chastity= insanity!

takemeorleave [userpic]

All too familiar and It Happens All the Time

April 8th, 2007 (12:37 pm)

I can feel my life beginning to spin out of order...and I like it.

New Quote to live by:

                       "My worst weakness is my favorite flaw."

takemeorleave [userpic]

All we need is just a reaction.

March 23rd, 2007 (06:04 pm)

Drinking drunk and snorting a percocet, is the way life is meant to be lived. 
-- the best part about it, I was on the beach.

I love college boys/parties.

takemeorleave [userpic]

You won't ever get to far from me.

March 21st, 2007 (11:26 am)

28. If the last person you spoke to on the phone was getting shot what would you do?
Well, it was Taylor so...If he got shot, I'd get shot too coz we're mostly hanging out together. And that would suck getting shot.

takemeorleave [userpic]

The convo after.

March 16th, 2007 (07:25 pm)

Rude N Ignant:  May I.....
 Rude N Ignant:  ????
 LooksWillHurt:  You're going to anyway.
 Rude N Ignant:  You're right
 Rude N Ignant:  First....  In my blog, I in no way disrespected you, so that Paris Hilton comment was rude.
 Rude N Ignant:  Let me finish
 Rude N Ignant:  Second, you crying and not wanting to hear my attitude is totally permissable, I understand that, the reason being why I apologized
 Rude N Ignant:  You said (quote)
 Rude N Ignant:  JASON
 Rude N Ignant:  DON'T
 Rude N Ignant:  And I stopped and I was then going to ask you if you we're going to be alright
 Rude N Ignant:  and so forth
 Rude N Ignant:  I had not given you attitude at that point, I had stated a fact
 Rude N Ignant:  Stated at the wrong time, but fact nonetheless
 Rude N Ignant:  I told ten people this story, and the first thing out of all their mouths was "That away message has nothing to do with that"
 Rude N Ignant:  So i'm not alon on this thought
 Rude N Ignant:  but that's not the point
 Rude N Ignant:  You then started typing up the away message "How about this.  Don't Talk to me."
 Rude N Ignant:  So yeah, you planned to put that up.  Or else you wouldn't have typed it
 Rude N Ignant:  So I did exactly that
 Rude N Ignant:  I didn't talk to you
 Rude N Ignant:  So again, I guess I gave you attitude on Tuesday?
 Rude N Ignant:  please answer.....
 LooksWillHurt:  "Laptop!"
 LooksWillHurt:  Ring a bell?
 LooksWillHurt:  Just because I stated don't talk to me, doesn't mean manners aren't necessary.
 Rude N Ignant:  No.  When I came outside, I specifically said, "Can I have my laptop please"
 Rude N Ignant:  I know I said that because I remember thinkinng, I don't want him to think I'm giving him attitude
 Rude N Ignant:  So I know I said please.
 LooksWillHurt:  I must have missed it.
 Rude N Ignant:  You may not have heard me, but I said it
 Rude N Ignant:  And as far as being a "parent".....
 Rude N Ignant:  Your right
 Rude N Ignant:  Your decisions are your own.
 Rude N Ignant:  But the fact is, it's a bad one regardless....
 Rude N Ignant:  dropping out of school
 Rude N Ignant:  unless you have the intention to go back
 Rude N Ignant:  And that's not me just saying that Tayl;or
 Rude N Ignant:  ALL your friends think that's a bad move.
 Rude N Ignant:  I didn't pressure to stay in school did I?
 LooksWillHurt:  To be honest, if you did, I would've blocked it out to begin with.
 Rude N Ignant:  that's not what I asked you
 Rude N Ignant:  Did I pressure you?
 LooksWillHurt:  Well, that was my answer.
 LooksWillHurt:  So, take it.
 Rude N Ignant:  See your giving me attitude right now.
 LooksWillHurt:  Yes. I am.
 Rude N Ignant:  Okay well than that's being childish. But whatever.
 Rude N Ignant:  Did I pressure you to get a job?
 LooksWillHurt:  Yes,
 Rude N Ignant:  Or did I just check up on you?
 Rude N Ignant:  I never said that you HAVE to get a job
 LooksWillHurt:  Whatever. If you did, you did. If you didn't, you didn't.
 Rude N Ignant:  no Taylor.  Why are you being stubborn?  Do you want to talk about this another time, cuz i don't want to lose as a friend over something like this
 Rude N Ignant:  Like I said.  I understand I hurt you and I'm sorry.
 Rude N Ignant:  I'm not begging you to be my friend still cuz if this is what you want, like I said I'll still sleep at night
 Rude N Ignant:  Like Micky said.  This is something so minor, it's not worth it.
 LooksWillHurt:  If you'll still sleep, why bother to beg?
 LooksWillHurt:  And. 
 Rude N Ignant:  Because I value you my friends.  And out of respect for our mutual friends so they don't have to feel awkward
 Rude N Ignant:  when we're together in the same room
 Rude N Ignant:  ???
 LooksWillHurt:  ...
 LooksWillHurt:  You hurt me. Alot. I'm tired of people doing that.
 LooksWillHurt:  That's why I'm acting this way. 
 LooksWillHurt:  Overtly-dramatic, outrageous, whatever it might be. 
 LooksWillHurt:  I digress, what kind of comment was that to make after me telling you what happened? 
 LooksWillHurt:  A comment, in my opinion, that was meant to hurt me.
 LooksWillHurt:  And as stated in my blog, my opinion is the only one that matters to me. 
 LooksWillHurt:  I'm done. 
 LooksWillHurt:  There's nothing else I have to say.
 Rude N Ignant:   Well, like I said.  I aree the comment was uncalled for.  I was wrong.  I apologize.  It was not meant to hurt you, although it did.  I don't have a problem with the way you reacted, I have a problem with the things you did, IE telling people it's my fault blah blah blah.  You didn't have to bring other people into this.  You could come to me and said your problem to my face.  I would have listened.  But for some reason you have a problem doing that.
 Rude N Ignant:  So again, if you really don't want to be my friend over this, that's fine Taylor, but in my defense, you KNOW I have much better qualities than my shitty attitude.
 Rude N Ignant:  And it would be a shame to throw away ANY friendship over this. 
 LooksWillHurt:  It's a damn shame, isn't it?
 Rude N Ignant:  Okay.
 LooksWillHurt:  So, can I go eat my dinner or is there anything else?
 Rude N Ignant:  Well the last thing I have to say is.....
 Auto response from Rude N Ignant:   Painting....UGH!
Hit it up

 Rude N Ignant:  Since you no longer are my friend.  Don't let me hear that my name came out your mouth in a disrespectful way.  That's not attitude or a threat, that's just out of respect for the fact that i won't do it to you.
 Rude N Ignant:  OKay?
 LooksWillHurt:  Okay.

takemeorleave [userpic]

Keep me close.

March 12th, 2007 (10:00 pm)

I love that child more than I love myself. 

You're lucky the cops got a hold of you.

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